Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Episode!

Yay! The first episode of Friday Night with Kevin Gannon is online. Please enjoy and shoot me any advice because lord knows I need it.

I submitted the podcast to iTunes and they are reviewing it, probably checking to make sure I don't talk shit about Steve Jobs or the itampon. I read online that the process could take up to a week so I figured I'd post the above to hold everyone off.

I pray you enjoy and I can't wait to really get this ball rolling and have this shit live in the world of itunes.


Carlos Galarza said...

YESSSSSSSSS. Dude I listen to like 16 podcasts. Some daily, some weekly, some bi-weekly, and some monthly. Basically I'm a huge fan and this is awesome for me. Thanks.

emx said...

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chris said...

i said quarter life crisis and everyone thought i was crazy and did not think it was real or had never heard of it.

Thomas Frost said...

Good shit man. You got some solid points. keep it up.
(quarter life crisis is the truth)