Thursday, December 27, 2007


One of the greatest things about living in New York City is seeing famous faces allover the place. Growing up in the city is even better since after growing immune to the encounters you really just don't give a shit about people because of money, looks or popularity.
Still, I indulge:
today on avenue A between 2nd and 3rd (right in front of that ballin' stationary store and across the street from that overpriced organic food mart) I saw Luis Guzman with a bunch of people I presume were his family.
I was going to say "Hey man, dug The Limey" but he stopped walking and started patting his pants: the universal sign for "Oh shit where is my wallet" or "fuck I must have left that ________ back at the _________".
I decided he needed his space in the situation so I let him and his famous self worry about the lost item(s).
So, dear Luis Guzman, I do hope you find your wallet. Or whatever it was you lost. Godspeed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beautiful night

How's it going? Long time no talk. I hope you have enjoyed your holidays as much as I have. I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with my wonderful family and am looking forward the new year. Everyone I know is buzzing with the excitement of change (be it going off to college, having artistic breakthroughs or just stretching yer eyelids open a but wider than they've ever been opened before so you can see more) and I am getting good vibes from all.
Tonight I had a wonderful experience. It wasn't a realization as I haven't really (and have no urge to) "understood" it yet. You see, dear friends, I had just left a movie with two friends of mine and found myself walking in the rain. It was cold, I was wet and all I wanted was to get inside ASAP. Somewhere on 4th street between 1st and 2nd walked down the middle of the empty street and actually felt the raindrops. Suddenly, I realized they weren't that bad. In fact, it felt really nice. The cold breeze became minty and I caught the moonlight/streetlight blend hitting a black car beautifully. The sidewalks had a reflection and the buzzing cars far off in the distance were softly humming. All of these things made me feel real nice inside. I realized that the rain isn't uncomfortable unless you make it uncomfortable. If you enjoy and embrace it, shitty weather on a dark lonely street can be a very, very beautiful thing.
Oh. I guess I just "understood" it.
Enjoy life however you have to my starlets. Just keep yer' eyes and mind open at all times. Wide.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My B

Sorry folks: the next episode of the Kevin Gannon Radio show is not going to be up this morning. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.
Why? Simply put my startletts I haven't the time for making radio shows just yet. I'm wrapping presents and cleaning all things cleanable. My B. I still love you for listening.
If you need a fix to hold you off for a while you can check out the following:

VECTOR RUNNER! The best game I have played on the internet since "Bloons".


That is the entire L'age D'or by Bunuel.


ALL of "Outfoxed"!

One of those will most likely make for a good sunday without Kevin Gannon Radio. All three would make for the best.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I want you to meet some friends...

Every so often when I'm feeling megalomanical I will do a Google image search on "Kevin Gannon" and see what comes up. Indeed, yours truly pops up in the 6th and 13th spots but there are many other Kevins in between. Some with higher Google rankins than others, some with more pictures yet all very magical. I have grown familiar with these other Kevin Gannons and thought I would introduce you to them here.

1. Kevin Gannon the aquatic explorer

One of these three dudes is a Kevin Gannon. My gut tells me it's the guy in the middle. All I know about this one is that he is an aquatic explorer and seems to have found some portholes that I presume were ripped off the carcass of a long sunken ship. That's us Kevins: always exploring.

2. Kevin Gannon the indie rock band photographer

This comes up as the second hit. Originally I inferred he was a "Kevin Gannon the guitar/bass/drum player" but a little detective work brought me to the bands myspace page where this Kevin Gannon got photo cred for the snapshot. Well done, Kevin. I guess good composition comes with the name.

3. Captain Kevin Gannon of the United States Navy

This gentleman comes up a couple times on the Google search. I'm not gonna' lie: he dominate the Google search. That made it pretty easy for me to find some info on our hero: he has command of 3,000 sailors and civilians. That's 3000 people who call a Kevin Gannon "boss". I guess fearlessness and authority also come with the name.

4. Kevin Gannon the horn player

Third from the right is Kevin Gannon blowing away on his trumpet. He plays for the Commodores Orchestra which has been in existence since the late 20's (their first gig was at the opening of the Bay of Quinte Club in Belleville, Ontario in 1928). Clearly this Kevin Gannon isn't from the 1920's but I'm sure he plays better than anyone back then ever could.

5. Kevin Gannon the champion bowler

This guy on the right is an award winning bowler. He's from Lakewood California and can really toss like a pro. I read his stats and though I don't know much about the game "Wii Sports" has taught me enough to be impressed. Bravo Kevin: keep it up.

6. Kevin Gannon the real estate agent

Kevin Gannon is member of the IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) and is the president of the chapter 92 officers. All that's missing from this photograph is the "TIME" magazine logo. Kevin: yer' going places. In fact, you have already gone places. Now yer' gonna go to even more places. Send me postcards.

There you have it: Kevin Gannons from across the world. Diverse, successful individuals who give back to the society they love. I'm happy to share a name with these dudes (especially number 6).
Kevin Gannons: Renaissance Men.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The dillema:

The solution:

Vitamin A? What are you fucking kidding me?

Monday, December 17, 2007


Robbie, Carlos and I shot this in an hour on friday. It's for Robbie's health class and he quickly edited it in what seemed like 20 minutes. The titles are a little fast but how much can you ask for with 80 minutes of work? Enjoy.


Sometimes it take a pretty shitty situation for us to realize how great other situations are. These events are crucial, as they teach us lessons we will keep in mind for the rest of our lives. As the old cliche saying goes "every rose has it's thorn". It's important for us to remember that it works the other way around too.
Today I got a letter in the mail from NYU. I applied early decisions and yearned more than anything for a very long time to go there. I loved the school but more importantly I love my city. It's part of my art and creating anything in any other city seems empty. This letter told me they just couldn't accept everyone and thanked me for trying. Bummer right? Well, yes. I have worked hard to get into the school and think I deserve it. The end? No.
Today a close friend of mine, Lex, told me something that meant a lot to me. At the time I brushed it off but reflecting on it now, I realize it's beautiful verity.
He said that when he left his old school he was bummed out. But looking back at it now, it was a good move because he met me.
I think about all the good times I have had with the kid and how, quite easily, we could have never known each other, a thought that seems ridiculous. A life without Lex? Who would teach me about Zappa and John Waters? That's no life worth living.

It seems this logic can be applied to the situation I am in now. There are two reasons I won't let this knock me over. The first being that I don't need to be in any group of people to do what I want to do. I know what I want and would love as much help as possible, but whether I'm sleeping in a dumpster or in an Ivy League I will make the best out of whatever situation I am in. Call it devotion or call it resilience I, simply, don't need ANYTHING to be happy. Just friends and two eyes. No school can take that away from me. It's mine. That means a lot.

The second reason I won't get bummed out is because I am happy with two other schools that I am pretty certain I could get into. One is SCAD and the other is The Art Institute of Chicago. The latter is ideal for me and in many ways I love it more than I did NYU. Crazy part is, guess who wants to go there? Lex.
That's right, the person who taught me a very important life lesson wants to go to the school that, deep down inside, I think is better for me than NYU.
Do things happen for a reason? I have no idea.
Will I run out of Zappa tunes to listen to and John Water films to watch? No.

So, my dear dear friends I want to tell you this news. Everyone has told me they think I can get in and that means a lot to me. The fact you rooted for me means more than any acceptance letter anyone could write. I love you and want you to learn what I did today.
It takes strength to get to the top. It takes a man to get up when he's knocked down.
Stay up, fellows. Stay up.

So, I put my arms up (like in the picture below) and say "Eh, oh well".

Godspeed, starlets.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dinner with yer' pal and his pal

NEW EPISODE OF THE KEVIN GANNON RADIO SHOW ALERT. That's right. The new episode featuring my boy Ludwig Persik (drummer of the Bones Royal) and a few steaks. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fame, anyone?

It has been decided that episode 6 of the Kevin Gannon Radio Show (as in, not this coming one but the one AFTER that) will be the first get together with a theme: you wonderful people.
It's called "The Friends of Kevin Gannon Special". That's right, you get a spot in the limelight (which only recently has been growing and growing). Be it music, writing or you banging on cement with your forehead, if you send it to me I will play it or read it. If it's a painting I will describe it as best I can.
If yer' interested leave me a comment downstairs where it says "comment". OR you can go on the facebook group OR you can send me an email. Some dude keeps sending me stuff about my penis size and stock quotes so make the sure subject is as follows (in all caps): "KEVIN I HAVE ART FOR YOU". Then I can't miss it.
If any of your friends would be interested please tell them. Again: the show gets a decent amount of listeners so it would most definitely be worth your while.
Stay cool.
Here is a MIND NUMBINGLY CLICHE photo I took on my cell phone while stuck in traffic. The only reason I post it is because when I squint my eyes I see the hand of God wearing glow bracelets.

Till later.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today I wrapped my first present of the season. It was a book I stole from the library. I don't know what that's going to do to my Karma but I think things should break even.
It's been a while since I have posted something of substance, between the radio show and my life it seems other beings suck out every drop of energy from my body.
I can tell you this now, however: expect (by the end of this week) "WAITING FOR MY DAD (BECAUSE HE HAS NO KEYS) SCENE TWO: SWEEP UP THOSE GODDAMNED CORNFLAKES" to be online. I am editing it as we speak.
Untill then I need to get back to stressing about presents for family members who think I am an asshole. I always found a good christmas gift every year is the best way to remind that distant cousin from Jersey that just because I'm an artist I'm not an insane homosexual.
Love you.
Till tomorrow:

Monday, December 10, 2007


Finally. Technical difficulties got nothing on me.


Finally I got the new episode of the Kevin Gannon Radio Show up.
The site I usually use seems to be down for a while so my boy Valera hooked me up with this one. Thanks, buddy.
Unfortunatly the new player makes things seem a little quiet so hopefully you can still enjoy it with a pair of headphones or decent speakers.


I decided to rip off a fellow blogger Elizabeth Reddy and post my christmas wishlist. It is very simple. If I were to get ONE of these things I would have the best christmas ever.

1. This bitchin' steel body Ukulele

2. A theremin

3. Colored 16 leader I could fuck around with

That is all.
Merry christmas,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't fret

it is Sunday and there is another episode of the Kevin Gannon Radio Show. A very good episode, actually.
Thing is: I am spending the weekend with a beautiful woman at Wesleyan College. That means I'm not going to put it up till I get home, whenever (if ever) that is.
We can get through this together.
Here: this should hold you off for a while:

Kevin just got home from his adventure. He has a shitload of homework to do and a lot of resting to catch up on. That means that there will be no Kevin Gannon Radio show posted on sunday (as in ten minutes it will be monday).
But, that does not mean episode number 4 will not be on-line tomorrow. It will be.
Also: he loves you.
-The Editor

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


As many of you know, I volunteer at the NYPL on 77th and york. I work in the "Book Seller" (the only used bookstore owned by the public library) and I'm in charge of the film, theatre, music and television section. It's really well kept and beautiful and I take pride in the fact that it's one of the most organized sections of the store.
Now, I usually go in there for two or three hours a week. That's all I need to finish my shit and it works beautifully. However, there is that odd day when I'll finish everything that needs to be done in about ten minutes. On those days I occupy myself by reading books that I can't steal because they're too big to fit in my backpack. Good deal, right? Wrong.
Every so often some militant asshole will see me doing nothing and make sure I get some other shit job for my remaining time. Breaking down boxes, sweeping up the storage room or putting those little plastic sleeves on the hardcovers. These I'm OK with. They all have their therapeutic charm and go well to some mellow jazz on the store speakers. What I hate, dear readers, is when they tell me to organize another section.
What this says to me is: "Kevin, you did a great job and continually do a great job maintaining your books. Some other asshole doesn't have your skill so it's your job to clean their shit up". In reality what they say is "Kevy wevy, could you organize the poetry section? Please?" Still it gets on my nerves.
Today I had to clean up the politics section and (appropriately) it was a train wreck. I did my job and STILL had time to kill, so I did what any other person would do: I un-did my job and did it again. And again, and again, and again.
"Wow" they would say. "Kevin's really cleaning up that section". It never fails.
Today however that same militant asshole who assigned me the job must have had one of his cronies spying on me, because he ran over and said: "DID YOU JUST ALPHABETIZE THOSE BOOKS, SHUFFLE THEM AROUND, THEN RE-ALPHABETIZE THEM?"
I really had nothing to say. I could see the Grand Theft Auto font floating over my head as a camera mounted on a helicopter flew away, keeping me in frame, rocking back and forth:
"Yeah. Sorry. I'm a little under the weather today"
The minute I said it I realized I had my bullshit excuses for fucked-up situations mixed up.
Again. Deer in headlights.
After a few beats of awkwardness I said:
"I didn't do that. I took these off the shelf because there was a book trapped behind them, you know that space behind the shelved books and the shelf itself?"
He stared at me, pissed off. I thought I was done for. After an even longer pause, he goes:
"OOOOHH. God I just hate that space. Good work." and waddled off.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It was requested I do a "midweek playlist" for those trying to get through their days but already listened to the last episode of the Kevin Gannon Radio Show.
Well, I present to you the first MIDWEEK MUSIC SPECIAL! It's mostly all music and it's awesome.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Reading rainbow!

Right now I'm a tad more than half way finished with, what I think, is a brilliant book. Best part is: this novel came up and bit me in the ass. See, I have very strange taste in what I read. It's not that I'm snobbish, in fact its quite the opposite. I love a certain voice and I can only stand a certain type of storytelling. In fact, I would say it's the opposite of elitism. For all I know it may be a form of doltishness.
Finding books I truly dig is difficult. That's why when I found myself laughing out loud on the six train (which for some reason most commuters find odd in this day and age, isn't that sad and pathetic?) I thought I had to tell the world of this fantastic read. Then I thought: "Fuck that. Tell them about MANY fantastic reads!"
And so I will. Here is (in no particular order) Kevin Gannon's Suggested Winter Reading.


This is what I'm reading right now. Let me tell you: go buy this. Steal it, I don't give a shit just read it. This cat writes in the style I dig but doesn't melt into that pot of the great minimalists where everything starts to sound the same. For Christ's sake; the book has a character who fucks his Guinea Pig. Exactly. Read it.

2. MEMOIRS OF A BEATNIK - Diane Di Prima

Almost over a year ago I was sifting through my dad's moldy books in the dusty third floor of our old house when I came across a box filled with novels from his youth. If you do the math you will realize his youth was just around the Beats' big debut. I started to read the greats and went through a very strange time of my life. You know: that cliche beatnik phase every asshole goes through. Now, with a few more hairs on my chin and a year or two of wisdom under my belt I sort of outgrew the Beats. Of all this books, however, one stuck with me. This one. It's sexy, it's disturbing and its real. This book is also proof, that STDs just didn't exist in the 50's.

3. BEING THERE - Jerzy Kosinski

Let me just say this. Kosinski wrote this book so god damned well that the film adaptation was EXACTLY how I pictured it. Why? Because there was no other way to picture it. If that makes sense, it should tell you how good of a writer this cat was.


If Burroughs took as much acid as he did H, this would be the result. It takes place in a waffle house. That in itself is enough for me. To make it even more entertaining, a fight between two established psychologists goes down and one of them is bear hugged into submission. So much so that his soul floats out of his body, leaving him to fly around and mess with the lines of the material and surreal.

5. JESUS' SON - Denis Johnson

An ex-girlfriend of mine gave this to me and I never really thanked her for it. Mostly because I was supposed to give it back and "thank you" might lead to "here it is" which would lead to me not having it anymore. Also, I don't think she likes me very much these days.
Either way, It's one of my favorite books and least favorite films. I love to be complicated.

6. THE BIG SLEEP - Raymond Chandler

There aren't that many characters that I strive to be. Part of it's because I'm a megalomaniacal asshole but the other part is that I just don't dig yearning to be what some other megalomaniacal asshole created. That rule does not apply to Phillip Marlowe. A knight in shinning armor in a world of shit, I wish with everything I could be this man. At least for a day.

7. GEEK LOVE - Katherine Dunn

This is one of my favorite books of all time. It's about a traveling family of freak show attractions who were created by their parents intentionally by fucking with that precious nine months called pregnancy (the mother drinks chemicals, smokes cigarettes, even punches herself in the belly for good measure). One of these ill offspring is Arturo the Aqua Boy. He has no arms or legs. Oh yeah, and he is leading a cult that is taking over all of depression riddled America. how do you become a member? Well duh, you chop your arms and legs off. Read it.

8. JUNKY - William S. Burroughs

This is just enough Burroughs for me. It's like Naked Lunch after downing a nice mix of tricyclets and Valium. Not too crazy but not TOO sane. Juuuuuust right.

Now, this book I also found floating around the shelves of the third floor of my CT house. This is a bit of mystery to me. I read it a very long time ago and was blown away. I read it again. And again. And again. I don't know who Jim Moran is. All I know is this was written in 1973 and doing a Google search brings up nothing. It's as if the book never existed. I do know one thing, however: Jim Moran IS an authority on sex. And he's a fucking mastermind comic. It's one of the funniest books I have ever read and if you can find it you should read it.

10. HAM ON RYE - Charles Bukowski

The Buk is my favorite writer. Period. that is why it is difficult to choose which one of his novels would make it to my list. I decided on Ham on Rye because it is not only one of his longest but it's also about Bukowski's fucked-up, acne scarred life. Of all the books on this list, if you ever decide to read like Kevin Gannon, pick this one up. Read it then pick up every other book he's ever written. After that, go on through the other 9.

Well ladies and gentlemen: 10 books you must read before you die. At least according to me. Don't look for these in Oprah's book club. If you hate one you will probably hate them all. I hope someone will read one of these by the time they die. Then, and only then, will my life have not been lived in vain.
Peace, fools.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


It snowed today for the first time this year. I don't really like snow that much but wanted to take part in the experience. First I watched my friend trek through the mush and slush early in the morning from the comfort of my bedroom window. I felt like that wasn't enough so I made a snowball from the snow on my windowsill. The first (and perhaps last) of the season.

Didn't even have to put my pants on.


As you may have noticed the "Kevin Gannon Radio Show" poll was clear: you guys like the Kevin Gannon Radio Show.
As you may have also noticed it is sunday. That means it is time for yours truly to upload yet another episode. Now kick back, relax and let the mellow tunes and my doughy voice massage your ear canal. Oh yeah.

P.S: the levels are a little hot sometimes. Ludwig Persik is going to produce the next episode. That's Ludwig Persik of the Bones Royal .