Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beautiful night

How's it going? Long time no talk. I hope you have enjoyed your holidays as much as I have. I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with my wonderful family and am looking forward the new year. Everyone I know is buzzing with the excitement of change (be it going off to college, having artistic breakthroughs or just stretching yer eyelids open a but wider than they've ever been opened before so you can see more) and I am getting good vibes from all.
Tonight I had a wonderful experience. It wasn't a realization as I haven't really (and have no urge to) "understood" it yet. You see, dear friends, I had just left a movie with two friends of mine and found myself walking in the rain. It was cold, I was wet and all I wanted was to get inside ASAP. Somewhere on 4th street between 1st and 2nd walked down the middle of the empty street and actually felt the raindrops. Suddenly, I realized they weren't that bad. In fact, it felt really nice. The cold breeze became minty and I caught the moonlight/streetlight blend hitting a black car beautifully. The sidewalks had a reflection and the buzzing cars far off in the distance were softly humming. All of these things made me feel real nice inside. I realized that the rain isn't uncomfortable unless you make it uncomfortable. If you enjoy and embrace it, shitty weather on a dark lonely street can be a very, very beautiful thing.
Oh. I guess I just "understood" it.
Enjoy life however you have to my starlets. Just keep yer' eyes and mind open at all times. Wide.

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