Thursday, December 27, 2007


One of the greatest things about living in New York City is seeing famous faces allover the place. Growing up in the city is even better since after growing immune to the encounters you really just don't give a shit about people because of money, looks or popularity.
Still, I indulge:
today on avenue A between 2nd and 3rd (right in front of that ballin' stationary store and across the street from that overpriced organic food mart) I saw Luis Guzman with a bunch of people I presume were his family.
I was going to say "Hey man, dug The Limey" but he stopped walking and started patting his pants: the universal sign for "Oh shit where is my wallet" or "fuck I must have left that ________ back at the _________".
I decided he needed his space in the situation so I let him and his famous self worry about the lost item(s).
So, dear Luis Guzman, I do hope you find your wallet. Or whatever it was you lost. Godspeed.


Anonymous said...

THATS SO COOL!!!!. he wuz soooo good in anger management

Jack Coolio said...

Never heard of Louis Guzzman... But then again, I've never seen any one famous here in Madison--except on the Tv!!

Alexander said...

When are you going to post the new radio show ya lazy ass?

Anonymous said...

yeah wtf mate

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Soon my starlets, soon.