Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't fret

it is Sunday and there is another episode of the Kevin Gannon Radio Show. A very good episode, actually.
Thing is: I am spending the weekend with a beautiful woman at Wesleyan College. That means I'm not going to put it up till I get home, whenever (if ever) that is.
We can get through this together.
Here: this should hold you off for a while:

Kevin just got home from his adventure. He has a shitload of homework to do and a lot of resting to catch up on. That means that there will be no Kevin Gannon Radio show posted on sunday (as in ten minutes it will be monday).
But, that does not mean episode number 4 will not be on-line tomorrow. It will be.
Also: he loves you.
-The Editor


chris said...

ok so i really liked that psa but what really sucked was that it was from MT freaking V there taking over the world

Glen said...

Remember the mom from "Requiem for a Dream"when she goes nuts cleaning her house? Well, imagine an old, bald guy in her place going at 1/16th speed because he doesn't have anything TO FUCKING LISTEN TO!!! (forgive me for the prepositional ending but it was for affect.)

C-los said...

kevin. :tears collapse on his keyboard: i want you to know that my mom has been yelling at me about college. i dont have enough money for christmas presents. julia wont talk to me. and i have a metal splinter. and all i was hoping for was to listen to your radio show. thanks asswhole. (by the way none of those things are true)