Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I want you to meet some friends...

Every so often when I'm feeling megalomanical I will do a Google image search on "Kevin Gannon" and see what comes up. Indeed, yours truly pops up in the 6th and 13th spots but there are many other Kevins in between. Some with higher Google rankins than others, some with more pictures yet all very magical. I have grown familiar with these other Kevin Gannons and thought I would introduce you to them here.

1. Kevin Gannon the aquatic explorer

One of these three dudes is a Kevin Gannon. My gut tells me it's the guy in the middle. All I know about this one is that he is an aquatic explorer and seems to have found some portholes that I presume were ripped off the carcass of a long sunken ship. That's us Kevins: always exploring.

2. Kevin Gannon the indie rock band photographer

This comes up as the second hit. Originally I inferred he was a "Kevin Gannon the guitar/bass/drum player" but a little detective work brought me to the bands myspace page where this Kevin Gannon got photo cred for the snapshot. Well done, Kevin. I guess good composition comes with the name.

3. Captain Kevin Gannon of the United States Navy

This gentleman comes up a couple times on the Google search. I'm not gonna' lie: he dominate the Google search. That made it pretty easy for me to find some info on our hero: he has command of 3,000 sailors and civilians. That's 3000 people who call a Kevin Gannon "boss". I guess fearlessness and authority also come with the name.

4. Kevin Gannon the horn player

Third from the right is Kevin Gannon blowing away on his trumpet. He plays for the Commodores Orchestra which has been in existence since the late 20's (their first gig was at the opening of the Bay of Quinte Club in Belleville, Ontario in 1928). Clearly this Kevin Gannon isn't from the 1920's but I'm sure he plays better than anyone back then ever could.

5. Kevin Gannon the champion bowler

This guy on the right is an award winning bowler. He's from Lakewood California and can really toss like a pro. I read his stats and though I don't know much about the game "Wii Sports" has taught me enough to be impressed. Bravo Kevin: keep it up.

6. Kevin Gannon the real estate agent

Kevin Gannon is member of the IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) and is the president of the chapter 92 officers. All that's missing from this photograph is the "TIME" magazine logo. Kevin: yer' going places. In fact, you have already gone places. Now yer' gonna go to even more places. Send me postcards.

There you have it: Kevin Gannons from across the world. Diverse, successful individuals who give back to the society they love. I'm happy to share a name with these dudes (especially number 6).
Kevin Gannons: Renaissance Men.


Glen said...

I get the feeling that "Kevin Gannon: real estate agent" took that picture while wearing stiletto heals and palming frozen rats in each hand. I'd like to see his "rap sheet."

q said...

I hate people who think they're funny but not.

Stop trying to be funny.