Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fame, anyone?

It has been decided that episode 6 of the Kevin Gannon Radio Show (as in, not this coming one but the one AFTER that) will be the first get together with a theme: you wonderful people.
It's called "The Friends of Kevin Gannon Special". That's right, you get a spot in the limelight (which only recently has been growing and growing). Be it music, writing or you banging on cement with your forehead, if you send it to me I will play it or read it. If it's a painting I will describe it as best I can.
If yer' interested leave me a comment downstairs where it says "comment". OR you can go on the facebook group OR you can send me an email. Some dude keeps sending me stuff about my penis size and stock quotes so make the sure subject is as follows (in all caps): "KEVIN I HAVE ART FOR YOU". Then I can't miss it.
If any of your friends would be interested please tell them. Again: the show gets a decent amount of listeners so it would most definitely be worth your while.
Stay cool.
Here is a MIND NUMBINGLY CLICHE photo I took on my cell phone while stuck in traffic. The only reason I post it is because when I squint my eyes I see the hand of God wearing glow bracelets.

Till later.


carlos said...
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Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

love the story. I deleted it just so people can't read it and spoil everything.
It will be on the show.

Glen said...

I have an existential joke:

Knock, knock!