Sunday, December 23, 2007

My B

Sorry folks: the next episode of the Kevin Gannon Radio show is not going to be up this morning. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.
Why? Simply put my startletts I haven't the time for making radio shows just yet. I'm wrapping presents and cleaning all things cleanable. My B. I still love you for listening.
If you need a fix to hold you off for a while you can check out the following:

VECTOR RUNNER! The best game I have played on the internet since "Bloons".


That is the entire L'age D'or by Bunuel.


ALL of "Outfoxed"!

One of those will most likely make for a good sunday without Kevin Gannon Radio. All three would make for the best.


Q said...

I can't believe I actually keep reading this.
What a sack of shit.

robbie said...

you would like cube field on facebook mindjolt