Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a lucky lady.

Today Winnie Langley turned 100 years old.
Good for her, considering she has smoked five butts a day since the age of 7.
I was at the birthday and had a twenty dollar bet with a 89 year old snuffer that old Winnie couldn't fester up the lung power to blow out her three candles. I lost but only by a technicality. If you ask me, phlegm spewing on the cake, all the candles and a sea of reporters dosen't REALLY count as lung power.
I tried to keep my money but he was jonseing, so I, like our dear Winnie, coughed up the green.
Long live the debauchees!


Daniel said...

that's pretty fantastic

Anonymous said...

she didnt inhale. The WHORE!