Thursday, October 18, 2007


If you take the train, you know the MTA is planning another fare hike. Well, really, this type of thing is not something I usually bitch about. I mean, I don't have to pay for the train anyway because of my student metro card and even if I did two bucks out of my pocket is not the end of the world. At all.
However, today I had my face in a tall man's armpit, my crotch nuzzled against a fat woman's bottom and some asshole leaning on my backpack like I was his personal stanchion. It was here in this bizarre yoga like train ride, it dawned on me:
"Do they really expect me to pay more for this?”
Are there no other options? Like, what about expensive tolls on the bridges and tunnels? Oh yeah. Did that. Didn't we just have a fare hike? Yes.
I guess this town is just one expensive cluster fuck of the rich and the poor. Still, both groups gather on the 6 train and bitch about .50 cents.

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