Saturday, October 20, 2007

Having cool shit is so hard sometimes...

Steve Jobs, you have failed me.
I have spent so much money on your stuff in my life and I love you.
But hey, my man: nice job building a Laptop that DOES NOT FUCKING WORK.
This thing turns off whenever the hell it wants. When it decides to stay on I hear it's loud death rattle and it gets so hot that, really, there is no witty way of putting it. It just gets really fucking hot and it shouldnt because it's supposed to be on my lap.
I refuse to go to the "Genius Bar".
The people at the "Genius Bar" can kiss my ass.
The people at "Tekserve" can kiss my Macbook where it hurts and make it feel better. Whatever they have to do...
Apparantly I'm not the only person with this problems.
Hundreds of websites devoted to this computer's terribe performance have sprung up in the past few months. Thousands of people post and read them on the regular.
With numbers of this magnitude, could it be possible that early week Macbooks are defective?

Well, if it is, let's hope Mac has a huge ass recall so I can get a new computer and wipe my ass with this one.


veronneca said...

Hey Kevin. Came across your blog today and was reading thru. Pretty cool stuff you have there, was entertained :) keep writing!

Anonymous said...

jeez. that really sucks, man.

veronneca said...

Dear Anoymous,
What sucks?