Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Werner, I tried.

Today I saw something disturbing on "Break.com", which is just another video site that shows people faceplanting, vomiting or getting kicked in the go-nads.
I don't know why I watch these videos. Really, the reason I visit the site is to read the comments left by ignorant, racist, self centered fools who (and I hate to stereotype here) all live down south.
Today I was shocked to see that a clip from Werner Herzog's "Even Dwarfs Started Small" made the homepage.
They took a scene of a laughing Dwarf and a camel, pulled it out of context and shat allover Werner's shit (not to mention all the copyright laws they broke).
So, me being the Herzog fan I am wrote a comment. I told them at Break how foolish they were, and that their ignorance has insulted the film and art worlds alike. This is what the fine people had to say to me:

"I think its great that they did! I got a good laugh and was able to make a witty comment. I also got to read a douche bag comment from you and reply to it telling you how bad you suck."

"The only thing that "makes me blue" was your long ass post"

"Yeah good one ass chump, fucktard! "

"well ... you're a douche."

Ah, god bless America.
And bless you too Werner. Bless you too.


Anonymous said...

Don't even try to argue with them. They are the lost ones. The mad ones.

Anonymous said...

i like that guy.