Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Gannon Goes To Washington Pt. 3

Today was a rainy day in Washington but that didn't stop us from covering a damn good amount of ground and having a fun time doing it. Since I have already seen the buzzkill war memorials and patriotism inducing monuments, today was dedicated to a softer side of this town: art.

We hit up a few museums, all of which were good and worth checking out if not solely for the collections but for the buildings they are held in. We shot over to the Corcoran and I got to see one of my favorite Hopper pieces, Ground Swell, which had made it's way over to Chicago a few years ago. It's always nice to see this in person, I love Hopper and this piece is so out of his normal lens that I find myself trying to find something wrong with someone. I never can. Still, love it.

It's funny, this museum also has a school of art and design in it. My school is a museum with a school in it. This museum has two lions chilling in front of the entrance. My school has some lions chilling in front of the entrance...


I'm not trying to start any school beef but I gotta' say: these lions are wack. The Art Institute of Chicago lions are staring off onto Michigan Avenue, bloodthirsty and ready to fuck shit up while proudly protecting all the little fartists who can't hold their own who are huddled together in the big building behind him.

The Corcoran lions? They're fucking sleeping!

You know, in retrospect I gotta' say that's a pretty cool mission statement. I'll check the place out in a few years when it's grad school time.

Things got really good when we ditched the old school stuff and went to hang out with the cool kids. That's right, my shit. We went to the Hirshhorn museum which had one really incredible floor and then a second mediocre one. It's so nice to see art with a sense of humor and this joint had a lot of it. Thank god. Of course, there was a gigantic Roy Lichtenstein sculpture in the back and a Jeff Koons piece as well. They were a surprise to me as we went in through the back door. That was a nice way to end things.

After that we went to the Freer Gallery which bleeds off of the gigantic, breathing, pulsating museum monster blob that is the Smithsonian. That place was pretty dope but not completely up my alley. There was some cool stuff but I didn't take any pictures because a scary security guard was grilling me. Usually I handle myself well in these situations and leave with the picture but I could tell that this guy would take me into the Peacock Room and bludgeon me to death with a fancy iron candle holder from the early 19th century.

He would.

After that we had some delicious grub and here I am back at the hotel room feeling pretty good. The train ride home is tomorrow so it looks like the trip is coming to an end.

How sad.


Anonymous said...

Those sleepy lions are weird.

LudwigLongPlay said...

LION FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!