Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Retrospective

It's true. I wrapped up the semester and came back home tired and anxious to do nothing. To celebrate Christmas and the coming New Year with my friends and family in the city I love. That's exactly what I did. A little too well.

I haven't posted here in weeks. That stings.

So far it's been a good trip back home. I have seen my buddies, played some black jack, slept enough and spent too much money on things that cost too much money because Manhattan can get away with with charging anyone anything.

Ah. Feels like home.

Essentially, I can easily summarize my time here in New York with two pictures. It started off with french fries at an old rest stop tucked away off the Palisades...

...and ends staring out the window at a cold, snowy 14th street.

Sure, a lot has has gone down between points A and B but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here talking about it. What matters is that right now I'm at point B and loving it. I'm back in the blogosphere and it feels good.

The holidays were fun but they are long gone. It's time to snap back to reality, wake up from the strange wintry nap I have been in and clean my eye of sleep boogers. It's time to start this year off with a bang.

I do so with this. The first post of the decade.