Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post-Christmas Livin'

Christmas detoxing is an important part of the process that is often overlooked. After gorging ourselves with food and unwrapping gifts like madmen, it's usually a good idea to take it easy for the next few days, slip on the slippers and chill on the couch, surfing the web or doing whatever it is you do best.

I'm up in Connecticut which I have to say is a pretty perfect place to relax. Watching TV and drinking buds I did something out of character: I started and completed a puzzle.

I have never done one before. I'm hooked. I'm about to do another. I felt like an old lady sitting there. An awesome old lady.

In other news I have acquired two of the hottest items in the world: Zhu Zhu Hamsters. I don't want them and I'm giving them away to two very special ladies. I haven't felt so powerful in my life. This is like having two tickle me Elmos or two Furbies and saying "eh....I don't care"

So, I go on record:
Eh, I don't care.

So, as I sit here trying to rebuild what I broke during yesterday's insane festivities I ask you, dear starlets: how do you re-coop after heavy Christmasing?

I'm so hardcore. I finished another puzzle.

I can't stop partying but I need to slow down. If I keep this up I'll have the worst hangover tomorrow.


LudwigLongPlay said...

that sounds like a good idea. how about, kevin gannon radio, live coverage of the completion of the 2009 puzzle. we gotta find this puzzle though, i hope it exists.

Daniel said...

Let's do a big one, like 1000 pieces? Usually they take days to finish. I say we have to complete it that night even if it is apparent that death is going to set in.

LudwigLongPlay said...

i love that idea daniel. i hope kevin does too.

i hope kevin does too..................................

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

I do.

emx said...

Where is the blog master?
Does he have a life or something?
Update please.

Anonymous said...

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