Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Il to NY, Baby

Here's the good news: Yesterday I had my last two classes of the semester which means the unofficial blog hiatus can be lifted. Today I fly back to New York and look forward to posting like a regular K-Dog and living like a champion. I can't wait. 

Bad news?

I like flying out of O'Hare airport. It's one of the best I have ever seen and can't say a single bad thing about the joint. Except, from my experience, the minute a single snow flake touches the runways the entire place shuts down, resulting in me twiddling my thumbs for hours.

I don't mind this, I'd prefer safety over travel deadlines any day. Still, it's unfortunate the day I need to fly looks like this:

I might be a while, folks. 


Anonymous said...

Fly home to us.
We miss Kevvy.

Daniel said...

yeah, what anonymous says.