Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time Warp

My sleep cycle has been so screwed up in the past week or so but today something very strange happened. Two of my buddies came over, we ordered Pizza and watched the Day of the Triffids mini-series from way back when. They left at 9 and I closed my eyes for a minute. 

When I say "I closed my eyes for a minute" I mean it. There on the futon I decided to relax for a few seconds, eyes closed. A minute turned into an hour. Fine. I took a nap.

I got up and went to the kitchen. That's when I saw the clock and nearly fainted. 

6:00 A.M.

Wow. Some hour.


Daniel said...

jeeez...I just woke up partly because of the sun glaring into my room as it rises above the East River, partly due to the bustling taxis on the FDR drive. That's right, I am home and I have forgotten how to sleep in the huge, loud apple.

Ezra Salzman-Gubbay said...

1. That'll fix your sleep schedule.
2. Your dreams were probably od, whether you knew it or not.

sparky said...

haha man, that is an epic nap. I was watching this movie with humphrey bogart last night. Turned it off around like 2 AM and went to sleep, had to get up at 6. But it was so worth it.

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Daniel: That's beautiful. I can't wait to be home.

Ezzy: I pray to god you are right.

Sparky: That sounds like a slice of heaven. Which flick?

LudwigLongPlay said...

AHAHAHAH. thats really something.

oh daniel, i'm at piada, you can meet me here right now if you want

LudwigLongPlay said...

its on clinton street right across the street from angelica's