Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to school!

Well boys and girls, that time of year has fallen upon us again.
Finally we can start waking up early to have people belittle, maim and begrudgingly compliment us in six hour blocks.
We can go home and yearn to break free and do something really different with our lives as we look up from the textbooks and calculators that eat our night away and slowly rip every muscle in our backs to bits as we tug them across the city.
For the first time in two months, we can't do absolutely nothing.
We need to drag our dead rotting corpses out of the grave every morning and make that god awful trek to the deepest pit of hell. When we get there, someone will tell us that we're not trying. That's cool, cause I'm not really. I just do it to bum stoges off of people.
Keep yer' heads on guys.
If I can do it you can.
Just remember: They can imprison yer' body, but not yer' mind. Well that's bullshit. Let me re-do this.
Just remember: There is always copious amounts of alcohol waiting for you during the weekends.
Eh. One more.
Just remember: I love you.


Anonymous said...

that was nice

Daniel said...
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