Sunday, September 2, 2007


For the first time in my life, I actually have common ground with Ice Cube and Mike Epps. After Kodak so generously gave us money for film, we all got very excited and anxious to shoot the next project. However, they did not give us enough money to get the film developed. After that, since we don't have any splicers or moviolas, we need to get a really good looking frame by frame transfer.
Now, even if you are a neophyte to the scene, it's obvious this all costs money. Not a huge sum, but certainly not minuscule.
That is why Broke Toe is starting it's "Please, you know we're good for it..." money drive 07'.
We figure if all of our friends give us at least $5 we should have a decent amount.
We also figure if we write letter to all of our family members who hate us, they can help us out.
So, Broke Toe needs money. If you have ANYTHING, please, PLEASE find it in yer' heart to toss it our way.


Ezra said...

You showed them! *Shakes fist in air*

Daniel said...

i don't know where you can get money, but I do know that school is no fun when they screw up your schedule.