Thursday, February 14, 2008

The beginning of a blogger...

It is with great news I tell you that this blog has actually been getting a pretty high amount of visitors (a little over 5000 page views and 2,849 hits since november, not to boast or anything. OK. I'm boasting). That means the world to me and I know the past few posts have been a little short. To compensate expect a radio show soon. That's all I will say.
So, I thought this good news of high traffic could use a little celebration. I decided to dig something very old up. 
You may not know this about me, but this isn't my first blog. You see, many years ago when I was a younger boy my dear friend Ludwig Persik and I formed "Broke Toe Productions". In a gesture of sheer megalomania we started a blog (then again, isn't that what starts most blogs? I'm guilty) called "From the Desk of Broke Toe". It was pretty popular amongst our friends and we diligently kept people up to date with our antics. Somehwere around the end of freshman year we realized most people didn't care about our antics. Ludwig went off to become a famous musician and I, a delusional lunatic.
So, low and behold, the beginning of the blogging:

Please excuse the lack of photographs. It seems whoever was in charge of hosting them on their photo bucket had more important things to worry about and deleted them. My money is on Ludwig. Why? Because I don't have a photobucket. 

Much love, my starlets.


Anonymous said...

bloggin' ain't so great... you've got more badonkadonk butts looming just over the horizon. Seize those butts.

Anonymous said...

my money's on kevingannonradio and anything that comes of it, hopefully some of the Broke Toe Audio Funnies will hit the mainstream.


veronneca said...

you're going BIG TIME boy :) im so happee for you!

Anonymous said...

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