Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Print

Remember that NBC Baby Jesus I showed you last week? Well, I printed it yesterday and boy oh boy was it fun. 

I have never done screen printing and the process was completely new to me. Because of that, it took a little tinkering to master properly and the image didn't come out as good as I was expecting it would. Still, my eyes were opened to a new medium that is a lot of fun. How often do you get to point blank a power washer to the face of Baby Jesus? 

If you answered "often" to that please contact me immediately. I want to learn from you.

The first print came out looking pretty crappy. It was clear I over estimated the power of water color and crayons. It's tough going to art school when you can't recall the last time you picked up a paint brush and expect crayolas to work like a sharpie.

I stopped whining and made some darker layers of color. My print was still not coming out that well but to the professor and TA's eyes I was doing everything right. After a few run troughs we came to the realization that I was a total pussy and couldn't put enough pressure on the squeegee to get a good image. Even when I pushed my hardest, shaking and nearing an aneurysm I just wasn't strong enough. I added "Screen printing" to my long list of reasons to start weight lifting. 

The print came out decently.

The most fun I had was when I took the screen to the wash room. The joint is a fucking dump in the most charming way. It's dark, it's small and everything is wet. Also, somehow, you are always alone. The pictures don't do the place justice but I felt obligated to snap a picture anyway.

I hope that as the semester progresses I have some better prints to show off. I'm already thinking about my next one and have one hint: Triffids.


LudwigLongPlay said...

this is crazy, mostly because i just revived my good omen screen, and im gonna get some new ones made, once that happens, i'll mail you a shirt. what size?

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

A few months ago I would have said "Small" or even "Extra Small" but due to the calorie count in Miller High life I'm gonna' have to say Medium or Large. You decide.

Emily said...

Working with crayons again, after all these years. Baby Jesus will be happy, you made him look young.