Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rodrigo Bellot attacked

Some of the earliest formal training I ever got as a filmmaker came from a guy name Rodrigo Bellot. He taught at NYSSSA (New York State Summer School of the Arts) a few years back and was the head of my video class. At first I thought to myself "This Bolivian dude is whacked out of his fucking skull" but after a week or two I really grew to like him. Fuck "liking" him, I respected him. He was a talented filmmaker, a good teacher and because of that I definitely owe a great deal to him as an artist. 

Every so often he would let a few factoids about Bolivia slip. I don't think it was ever his intention but a few times he made the place seem like it was a bit rough around the edges, especially for a filmmaker. 

Yesterday my guru, life coach and good buddy Glen Shapland told me that Rodrigo and his mother had been assaulted.

He linked me to this Bolivian news clip which is done in such bad fucking taste. It's using Final Cut "Horror" accents a little too much and always at the least appropriate times. Rodrigo is shown in a hospital bed but details are hard to get as it is in fast, non-grinoized Spanish. 

I have tried to decipher it using the small amounts of "New York Puerto Rican Spanglish" I have picked up from Carlos. All I can get is that Rodrigo won an award, went bowling with his mother and then some guys jumped on him. 

It's shitty news. Rodrigo is a cool guy and a damn talented filmmaker. He's an crucial part of the Bolivian film industry but also (and through the same vein) an important voice for Bolivian people.

I really hope he and his mother heal quickly and Rodrigo picks up a camera again soon. Something tells me that when he does, he will have a lot to say.


Christopher Nelson said...

holy crap. i saw the picture that ghen put up and i was like oh hey its rodrigo. I never thought it was anyting like that i hope that he gets better soon. Keep me posted dude

LudwigLongPlay said...

damn. i hope he's all well.

Anonymous said...

I sent positive vibes to beautiful Rodrigo and remember how much you admired him at NYSSA. The bastards who did this will go to hell, or somewhere like that.

Rodrigo Silveira said...

wow. i just started following his work and just came across this. do we have any updates on his situation?

Anonymous said...

last night rodrigo was happy, healthy and genius as ever, in a conference in Bolivia. I can imagine the guys whom made him now, poor guys, but Rodrigo now is making movies, really great movies!

A. from Bolivia