Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coulter gets deaded and the children cheer

Already hooked? If not, you have no soul.

This is a fine example of the types of people I love and the types I hate.
There are people like Ann Coulter who are sick, selfish, narrow minded schmucks. Now, that's alright on it's own. But once you start shoving your childish ignorance onto other people, then I have a problem.
On the right side is Al Franken. Not only open minded and intelligent but FUNNY! Entertaining, comprehensible. That is talent. 

I just found out that EVERY post I have written for this blog has been in HTML format. I didn't know there was a tab that said "compose" next to "edit html". Strange, eh?


Anonymous said...

haha shes snakey, did you watch the one with joe mccarthy, and hitler?

Glen said...

Its amazing how you can actually see her lips move while she is talking out of her ass. Every time she steps up to a podium even the members of the "far right" say "oh God, heeeeere we go."

Glen said...
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Ali said...

...Amish people don't take planes...XD Why the hell would we even look for Amish extremists on them?