Friday, July 3, 2009

Song a day keeps the Doctor away (even if you are sick)

My buddy Ludwig Persik has started something pretty groovy. We were walking down the street talking about life n' shit like that and he told me about this huge stockpile of songs he has recorded since he was about 16. 

For any artist in any medium, works starts to pile up and get dusty. Usually no one ever sees them and because of that the creators think they are of no value. This is not true at all. Ludwig and I both agreed it's very therapeutic (and artistically motivating) to re-visit works that had no intention of seeing the light of day. 

Next thing I know, he's posting a song every 24 hours on his site. Gotta' give it to him, it's a pretty awesome idea and it's nice to always have a good listen just a click away. 

In spirit of Ludwig kicking up some artistic dust and throwing it in our faces (blinding us), I thought I'd do the same. Here is something I did during one of my first weeks in school. I think of it as "art school overload" art.

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