Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jackhammered out of bed

Of all the people in the world to ever complain about growing up/living in New York I am the absolute last. I love it here and always have. Sure, some things are a pain in the ass but usually I overlook them and instead focus on the positives that vastly out number the negatives.

Every die-hard New York fanboy, however, does have his boiling point. For me, it's when I wake up to fucking jack-hammers pounding the earth. 

I had a doctors appointment and needed to get up early (which already, I was pissed about). These fucking construction workers made me wake up earlier than waking up early! I know it's confusing but let me elaborate:

1. I had to wake up early.
2. Some schmucks woke me up earlier than I had to wake up.
3. I sat and waited until it was time for me to originally wake up (which was early).

Whew. Worst thing is, according to the laws of New York these guys aren't doing anything wrong. 

I guess this city is designed for the employed


LudwigLongPlay said...

thats so fucked up.

the other day i had the same problem outside of silvias house. at 7:53am.

thats really the only reason i don't dig gentrification.

that, and the drunks at night, god i really hate em.

LudwigLongPlay said...

p.s. theres an advrt. for 'grateful dead drums' on your adsense right now.

i dont think you've talked about the dead once in your entire blog. maybe theyve lumped you into "dirty hippie" category.

Carlos Galarza said...

Too bad its not part of a dope ass city based beat.

Brighid said...

Yes! That was horrible. What a terrible day to start our morning.

daniel said...

What did Emily think of it? Heeehee. I get that too over in Stuy Town, believe it or not.

Cu-Cu Shnitzle said...

Fuckin construction workers closing off the street whenever they feel like doing one of their half-assed"projects". News Flash: if you must run your expensive equipment at ungodly hours of the day, do it on roosevelt/staten island instead, ya shmucks!

LudwigLongPlay said...

i think the funniest part is the guy with the sledgehammer who decided to have a whack at whatever that was.

Kyra Beckmann said...

me f-in too!!!!!!!!! they're digging up the streets outside my house. pillow over the head doesn't help. turning up the fan doesn't help. closing the windows doesn't help. messed up...