Sunday, July 5, 2009


The other day Carlos and I were shopping at C-Town and we both saw an incredible product:

If you can't tell, it's a set of sink strainers. Four of them, actually. Each a different size so you don't have to deal with shit clogging any of your drains. 

Best part about this is that nowhere on the package does it say what the product is. Instead it just says "GIFT!" implying that it would make a wonderful present for a loved one. 

That's funny though, because this would be a terrible fucking gift.


LudwigLongPlay said...

really i think its a great gift, but i dont need one, so don't worry about me, i'll just return it and get me another "gift"

michele said...

you've earned a nice spot in my bookmarks kevin

squid said...

peace out
c-town down