Friday, July 24, 2009

Not homeless

Well. After a long four days I am back from Chicago. More importantly, not only will I have a roof over my head this coming school year but I will be sheltered in style as my new apartment is sleek, large and sexy. 

Right in the middle of Wicker Park, Preston and I will enjoy the luxuries of life from a dishwasher to a fireplace (yes, I said it, a working fireplace). I really just want to move in to that place now and live it up but I have a life here in New York I can't leave behind. Instead, I have these photographs to hold me off until the big day comes:

Exterior of the palace. We have the first floor.

Living room facing kitchen and bedrooms.

Fireplace for me and Preston to burn pieces that "just don't work" like madmen.

I really dig the new place and hope that I will have many of you over at one point. Be you a Chicagoland native or a die hard New Yorker, this place is for hardcore chillers.


LudwigLongPlay said...

id like to go chill there right now you lucky bastard

Kathy said...

h8 u guys and your working fireplace. you guys need to come back to chicago soon!

Sparky said...

man, lucky :D My housing situation's always pretty iffy. Glad you've got some pretty kickin looking digs man :D