Monday, March 23, 2009

Another reason why the internet is awesome

The Internet rules. We have grown to accept that and put it behind us. Still, sometimes we forget exactly how large of a series of tubes it really is. Amazing little things slip right through our fingertips as we type in the name of familiar comfort sites like "facebook" and ""

Let me tell you about something, though, my internet faded starlet. Last week I got my totally fucking free McGruff The Crime Dog Gun Safety DVD in the mail and it was awesome. Where did I get it? 
The nets.

A while ago I got my Harley Davidson 2009 Babes and Bikes Calendar which is about to be tossed up on my wall for all to stare at, jaws dropped. How much did that set me back? Zilch, papi. How? 
The in-ets, baby.

So today I thought I would prove a point. To see exactly how much free shit I could get from the Internet within a half hour. It would be hard, but knew there were sites out there to help me on my journey. The clock started at 3:30.

3:35 - Free Cigar

Bingo. Free, hand rolled tobacco from some stupid site. Sure, I have to watch a video for the secret message at the end of it but whatever. I just got my free cigar. BING. 

3:40 - Ergonomic Screwdriver

An awesome screwdriver is now being sent to my house. For nothing. I had to take a pretty long test asking some hard questions like weather OSHA Compliances were more important at my workplace than Inventory Management but it's not too hard to make shit up. Especially if a screwdriver is on the line. SWEET.

3:54 - "Keeping it Rural" Bumper Sticker

This was was from a company that loans farmers money to start up their own little perfect menageries and I thought the sticker looked cool. Actually, I think it looks stupid but it's free so who fucking cares. SCHWING.

3:58 - "Hot Mom Driving" Magnet

There was so little time left before the clock ran out. I saw it, it had the least amount of questions needed and I bounced on it. I'm not to excited about this one but hey, it's free. YEAH!

There you have it folks. The internet is cool yet again:
It literally gives you shit for nothing.
All of these things should be arriving at my door in 3 to 6 weeks. Will gladly take a picture when it does as proof.