Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My great new band!

I never, ever, ever partake in silly Internet chain mails or surveys. Especially on Facebook. Why? Because I'm too good for them. At least I thought I was until earlier today.

I know. I know. Don't judge me just yet. I'm already deeply ashamed and don't need your disapproval. This is something I have to live with, dammit.

The way it works is one opens up Wikipedia and clicks on the "random" page button. That, my starlets, is now the name of your awesome band.

Second, the person opens up this quotation page and scrolls to the bottom. Write down the last five words of whatever the last quote is. This is the name of your ground breaking album. How hardcore.

Thirdly, you open up flicker and click on the interesting photos of the last seven weeks (or someshit like that) and the third picture is your album cover.

Work some magic in Photoshop and there you have it. Your new hit band. Feels good right? Enjoy the high until you realize this does not exist and you are just a regular person.

Here's mine. We are called ESHKOL. Wiki it, baby.

If you make one, post the link the comments section. Maybe we can start a record store.

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LudwigLongPlay said...

this is kevin trying to have things to write about