Friday, March 6, 2009

Retail therapy

This week something upsetting happened to me and I was pretty blue about it all. The internet must have known something because she tossed a link into my lap. For a few hours on, the entire series of Seinfeld was on sale for ridiculously cheap. Let me explain something.

There are two DVD box sets I have always wanted to own. The one just mentioned and the Twilight Zone. Both have always been enormously expensive. I see them in stores everywhere and they always torture me. 

Anyway, I got one and have been watching non-stop. It has, slowly, been making me feel much better. In a strange way as well, though, it makes me miss New York more than usual. I guess god giveth and taketh away.

The first disc of season 2 is stuck in my fucking laptop. So much for happy endings.


Pat said...

try this. I am becoming a superuser,wait till yousee what I can do with FCP!

LudwigLongPlay said...

mines can sends radio signal to aliens in outer spaces