Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monster cake of pan

Out here in Chicago where I have a nice little kitchen instead of a meal plan, I hold my own pretty well. Oddly enough, however, my diet is made up of basically four things. In order of most eaten to least, it goes Pancakes, Hamburgers, Peanut butter sandwiches and mashed potatoes. All of these come out of a box and involve minimal cooking which I have completely perfected. 

Though my processes are flawless, I was searching the web for pancake cooking methods to perhaps expand my horizon on the artform. This video came up from the bellies of YouTube and it was the first and last thing I clicked. 

I will never, ever trump this.

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taya said...

KAVE!!! this is TAYA wahaha listening to your radio lmao funny stuff
im heading back to NYC this april i'll c u around after a week.i want to see more movie soon!!!