Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yay! Mediocrity!

Getting through high school was a bitch. It seemed that I was always predetermined to live in the land of C's (aka average, maybe a little below). Getting tests and other shit like that back always had a number on top ranging from 70 to 79. One higher, I celebrated. One less, I sulked. Anyway, after leaving that all behind me and going to real school I was happy to know that never again would I get stuck with those numbers. Or would I?

There is a nifty site called "Blogged" which is an online collection of user submitted blogs which are rated by a team of "expert editors". Well, I put this one up in hopes it would get me famous so I don't have to work at a real job and the score came back. Yeesh.

I guess this would be one of those sulking days. It's actually higher than I anticipated. I like "good". "Good" is a good thing. It's definitely not "bad", right? It's the gateway adjective to others like "great" and "excellent" which is a good place to be. Excellent.
In other news, I'm returning to New York for the weekend which should be fun.


LudwigLongPlay said...

shit, im sorry im gonna be mad busy painting the mouldings in your apartment.

too bad.

Emily said...

They have not taste! What do they know? Who do they think they are? They must be idiots because that's the best blog in the world.

----Kevin's Mom