Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nintendo comes in last

E3, the biggest video game expo occurs every year. This week is E3 week which means that Carlos, myself and many other gamers across the globe have been reading the news and announcements religiously. We all hope for our own little piece of breakthrough technology. Me? I wanted more downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto on the PS3 and a Playstation Portable with dual analog sticks. Did it come true? Well, sort of, but not so much.

One of the most exciting things about the expo is seeing how far developers have come in a year. Microsoft and Sony blew my mind. Nintendo...not so much.

Now is where I come out and say it to the world. I don't like Nintendo. I used to like Nintendo but I don't anymore. I don't want to exercise and I don't like E rated games. That means the console means nothing to me. Also, they aren't doing much in terms of evolution. Aside from the fact they started the new motion control revolution, I really don't think the console is growing more mature as a piece of technology. 

I noticed a funny trend and decided to show it to you guys. Here are three break-through games for each console. Each is a gameplay shot. Tell me if you notice something strange...

This is "Aliens vs Predator" on the Xbox360

Here is "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2" on the PS3

Here is the new "Super Mario Brothers Wii" for the Nintendo Wii

Notice something fishy here? Seems Nintendo, rather than going forward and making things bigger, better and shinier have decided for a safer path: Going back to the fucking 80's.


Carlos Galarza said...

The Xbox screenshot is beautifffulllllllll. The shadows and light on Alien is breathtaking.

Also a conscious inner-debate with the winning answer being: agreed.

LudwigLongPlay said...

you know whats funny, i was watching indie rock videos last night on the nyc channel 25 or some shit like that, and i noticed something fishy too. i noticed that the music was JUNK, and that the video concepts were a throwback to the C-Side eighties.

listen up indies, your shit is whack.
why don't you, get over, overexposed beta film, and shiny workout clothing, it just doesn't amuse me in the least.

love you kevin