Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

I'm sure you probably already know about the unfortunate news that caught everyone off guard today. Michael Jackson, 50 years old, died.

It was really strange walking down Avenue A today with Ludwig Persik. His phone rang, my phone rang and at the same time we were told that MJ had passed away. 

From that moment on, every single car we passed was playing Jackson tunes. We had a few conversations with total strangers and every single New Yorker on his or her cellphone was saying 

"What? Michael Jackson?"

Definitely one of those moments that you tell your grand kids. Be you an MJ fan or not, it can't be ignored that an entire avenue of an entire borough stopped and acknowledged the life of someone who (in good and bad) was always part of this culture's identity. 

That's a pretty beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson if you ask me. Better than anything any blogger could write.


LudwigLongPlay said...

yeah, thanks,
you saved me a blogpost

Leia Jospe said...

real talk!
pretty much everyone i passed today on the street was on the phone talking about it. walked past a few impromptu michael jackson dance parties on the sidewalk as well.