Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time to make fun of a Russian stereotype!

I read in the news today that the Russian president (hehe, it's still funny to hear them use that word) told his nation of comrades that they should all lay off the vodka a bit. Turns out they have a ridiculously high consumption rate and times aren't as tough as they used to be so not having bread through a cold Russian winter will no longer suffice as a legitimate excuse to down a fifth of Stolichaya.

Why is this post worthy? Well, frankly it's funny (sorry, Ludwig) but more importantly in an odd way my patriotism bone tingled when I read it. 

Why? Because in America we can drink as much as we fucking want. We do it all the time. Hell, we might even drink more than Russia and no one knows because no one asks. Point is, even if we did, our President would never tell us to stop because we can do whatever we want, baby!

When it comes to the party meter our friends far east are going through early onsets of alcohol withdrawals while we are doing a bitchin' keg stand. 

God bless America.


Ezra Salzman-Gubbay said...

You made my night with this.

LudwigLongPlay said...

You made a fight with this.

Wim Wenders said...

you are right, bitch tits

Anonymous said...

because alcohol wasnt banned in America after WW1 ???

Anonymous said...

I hope the Czar of Russia comes in your home, and shoots all of you. I am American and ashamed to have people like you living in our county, i am 15 and know that their is no president of russia....if you think about it your not really american, your origin was southern africa, and there is evidence to prove that, unless you've stereotyped them too....I thought the russians were our allies. Anyway i dont give a shit about you anger torwards our allies, but keep it too yourself, instead of making a continent angry at all of us. -_o

Anonymous said...

i'm also ashamed...such an asshole