Sunday, June 28, 2009

If I go missing you know why...

A good friend of mine (and guest on the most recent radio show) Alexander Feldman may have changed my life by sharing an amazing link with me. 

A group of people have established something called "The Time Travel Fund" which, according to their tagline is "your ticket to the future!"

According to them, if I invest 10 dollars now they will let it sit in a bank and gain interest over what could potentially be thousands of years. If time travel becomes possible and affordable, money will be used to send someone back to the past, pick you up and rock your fucking world.

This has sparked a huge discussion between Carlos and I and we have come to a basic mathematical conclusion:

Potential Gain > Potential Loss

If I apply the law above, it is possible that in five minutes a beautiful future babe will pick me up and you will never see me again. 

If this thing aint' run by Bernie Madoff or any of his friends I might have a good shot at dunking a basketball in space (which I have always wanted to do).



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Ezra Salzman-Gubbay said...

I'll do it if you will. Couldn't stand to be the only one I know who gets future-duped. The certificate is worth ten beans, anyway.