Monday, July 21, 2008

Back on top. No innuendo...

As you know, back when I was in my prime this site got quite a few hits. What happened? Well, things changed, I got lazy, people grew up and the traffic gods became a little bit less generous, leaving me in the dust. What really did it for me was not just getting close to no views a day, but being bumped to the 6th page of a google search. Ah yes, once, a long time ago, "Kevin Gannon" would bring you right here, to a Journey. Ah. Memories. We will always have memories.

Holy shit.
I'm back on top. Thanks google. Thank you.


Chris said...

ok you better start blogging more to keep me entertained at work, i have begun to read essentially emily by socialite Emily Brill ( because i am bored and its kinda eh well not that bad so you must top it now, become the next 5th ave misfit to do nothing other than blog and draw cartoons

MaTaCo dot com said...

thank you kevin gannon. for being number 1. i can tell you're working hard because of the sweat stains under your arms. you've got spunk.

carlos said...

not any more.