Sunday, July 13, 2008

Negative slope

I was never a math genius back in high school but I do remember the magic of slope. Remember change in Y over change in X or something along those lines? I was so well versed in this topic that when I looked at the bar chart representation of this blog's traffic, I almost instantly recognized the constant, negative slope. See:

That is an official scientific chart depicting the lack of interest since November. Who's fault is this? Mine. I never update. My real question, however, is what the fuck was up with December?I can't wait until next Christmas. 2,000 hits? Damn. Belated thanks.

Point is, I thought I could teach a lesson to you dear readers who still check this. Looking at this chart I said to myself "'s not that bad" and let my imagination wander. Optimism is the word, starlets, and I thought photoshop would help me express how so:

Sure, you can look at it as a shitty graph proving how miserable your godforsaken life is or you can look at it as an awesome ski slope:

Or, you can look at it as a pan flute:

However you see it I see it as a representation of something that once was. Now that I'm unemployed and un-stimulated I think I will try to get back up on that horse. Like the good ol' days. Like December.

Until then, I shall sit in my air conditioning doing nothing until college starts or my limbs atrophy. Whichever comes first.


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