Monday, July 14, 2008

Satanic offspring and Hellboy.

As an unemployed teenager who (with the exception of Carlos Galarza) is the only one of his friends that doesn't have to work 9-5,  I have a lot of time on my hands. I usually spend it with Carlos playing video games or walking around aimlessly but when I'm alone I have been watching movies, reading books and staring at my ceiling.

I saw two films recently that I thought were so well crafted I should tell you about them. The first is a classic that apparently everyone but me knows about. It's called The Blackboard Jungle. It's about the worst fucking school you can possibly imagine filled with horrible, flesh-hungry kids. One tries to rape his teacher, dudes are getting shanked all the time and apparently it's totally O.K to light up a butt in the middle of class. This is all the case until a G (gangsta) comes in and literally, kicks the hell out of all the little shits. I recommend it highly. 

See it, chief.

Second film is much more commercial and easier to access. Some don't give it a chance because of this (in fact a very condescending homeless man named Rick who I spoke to before seeing the film told me I was an idiot for liking it, but that's a whole other post in itself). It's Hellboy II. Go see it and after Hellboy is thrown out of a fucking window in slow-mo call me so we can talk about how awesome it was. 

Until tomorrow my starlets, 
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