Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two things I'm already sick of.

There are two things that I am already incredibly fucking tired of hearing about and seeing. Originally, I was excited for both. I still support them but after so many advertisements and articles being forced into my face I am officially 100% done with  the 3G iPhone and Batman: The Dark Knight. You are saying to yourself right now "What?! I love/can't wait for ____" and I'm fully aware of that.
1) I think the iPhone is slow and a pain in the ass to use. Worst is people who own it try to brainwash me into the "fellate Steve Jobs" cult. I have a news flash everyone: We should not feel attached to our PHONES, ever. Ever. EVER. One shouldn't feel insulted or upset when someone insults a phone, even if they own it. Why? Because it's a machine we keep in our pockets. It's like having affection for pennies or lint. I mean, I love Apple, we all know that, but I'm tired of the fucking iPhone. I get it. I don't have a mediocre computer snuggled into my palm. You are better than me. Fuck. Am I jealous? Sure. Still, though, get the hell away from me.

2) I like Batman. He's the best superhero, period. He's a detective. I loved Batman Begins. I dig Christopher Nolan's stuff. I am excited for this movie. It should be awesome. This seems to be the same for everyone, too, which is good because they don't have to advertise too much. Oh, wait, no they still do. More than any movie I have ever fucking heard of. Everywhere I look Batman is looming over me. Subway walls, televisions, bus-stops, highways. I even hear his voice on my radio as an Internet ad literally takes up my entire screen on IMDB and I have to wait fifteen minutes to close it. Jesus Christ, man. Everyone loves Batman. It's going to be a good movie. We get it. I have had enough. Leave me alone. 

That's it.


carlos galarza said...

jesus kevin. a little angry much. however i completely agree. after everything with the iphone 3g they end up fucking up THE FIRST DAY. and we all know batman will be good. no reason for literally 8 trailers to stuff heath ledger down our throats and make us feel guilty if we dont see his last performance. that said if it sucks at least we can say hellboy was better. which everyone should see :shameless plug:

Anonymous said...

I just pooped my pants!