Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet Marlowe.

One of my most irritating flaws is how I will start something and go completely apeshit over it only to come up with a new idea, which I also go completely apeshit over. The result is my forgetting of the former idea and a lot of monkey doo. One of these ideas was a web-based comic called Marlowe. It focused on a character who had 0 tiers of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs fulfilled, yet was still 100% self actualized.

Marlowe himself was going to be hand drawn whereas the background would be photographed (cause I can't draw things like buildings and doors for shit). Each week we would learn something from Marlowe on a certain topic based on a little encounter he would have. From sex to money, patriotism to exercise, he would teach us little bits of knowledge from a very new perspective. I actually designed him and did write a few issues. Once it came time to make the story a comic, I must have fizzled. I thought, rather than let Marlowe sit and gather dust in computer folders I should bring him out for the light of day to see. It's the least he deserves. Ladies and Gents, meet Marlowe:

Maybe I will take him to Chicago with me and work on him there. 


Miss Lix said...

Hey you, we're friends on Facebook and I'll be going to SAIC as well. Want to up the traffic and trade links?

I've put you on my blogroll.

Chris said...

Marlow is sitting on my desktop in a folder and i look at him every so often he is my friend when i am alone at night with only the light of my monitor.
ok so i need something to do better then to read every blog durring work