Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh mighty and majestic spirit...

...guide me:

It's been a long time since we have thought about this project. Well, no, we have been thinking about it every single day. In a bad way. In a "Shit...we have to shoot this movie. We SUCK!" kind of way. 
Well, we snapped back into game mode yesterday and got the ball rolling. Note carded the entire film, I cut this together and now we will finish shooting next week. Tuesday. How dope is that?


Just as a fresh reminder, everyone can watch our films from the past over at Broke Toe Productions just in case you really can't wait for this new one to smack your soul around.


cNelly said...

i felt like i needed to comment on this cus there was no comments and it is quite worth it to comment on . i showed my support

MR style said...

that's interestin !! i wanna be a director too !! so well i better keep readin your blog now