Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bamhoo Fun

I have this gig coming up (starting this week) which requires manipulating photos to make em' look like comic books or something similar. I decided on this look ala rotoscoped films that was pretty easy to do in photoshop. However, I got tired of making every single path a stroke and it became such a pain in the ass that I decided to get a Wacom Tablet. It's something I have always wanted and this sexy one came out that's cheap as shit. I introduce you to my new toy:

I thought I would take her for a spin. Here is my first drawing ever with the Wacom Tablet. It's Carlos.


Editor's Notes:
After spending a few hours with the tablet I decided to try another shot at Carlos Galarza. The Quality of improvement is so incredibly large that it's fucking hilarious:


chris nelson said...

holla now if u sleep less you could go under cover as a graphic design student!

Carlos Galarza said...

I would love to be an animation. Dope.

PS: Sorry for bring your hopes up on having another comment.

daniel said...

hey where'd you get that hebrew lettered shirt, you mother freaaking kabbalah-reading kite?