Friday, May 29, 2009


Ludwig and I are itching to make another radio show now that people are flowing back into the city. There are good vibes all around and we feel confident that the next one will be a success. I thought the Reunion Special was hilarious (but I heard the complaints people, 2 parts is too many) and I'd love to top it. That's where you come in.

Here at A Journey we like to keep things simple. We like direct democracies. 

Also, we can't decide between the next theme. I'm going to write them all here and you can vote in the poll located on the top right of this page underneath the banner. It will be up for 1 week. If you read this but never comment (which is a lot of people) please take the time to just pick whichever sounds funniest. 

Here are the candidates:

BBQ Special

No Sleep Radio Special (would be recorded after we stay awake for two days)

Connecticut Radio Special/Camped out Special

Classical Music Special with Daniel Rutkowski

Jamie Lidell Radio Special

Live Music Special

Radio Theatre Special (narrative)



Emily said...

I vote for CT Special because maybe the Weed Smokers can work a few hours of farm labor into the day.

Cabbage Ankles said...

Two days without sleep would seem the most logical to an audio S&M aficionado. However, slapping some animal flesh on a grill while spinning happy tunes might just move my needle.