Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tucker Everding - New music sensation

You know how every time I post a video I introduce it by saying:

"here is a video I had to shoot and edit
in one day because it is due for a 
critique tomorrow. I hope it goes well!"

Thankfully (or not) for you, this is the last time you will hear this for a few months as I am done with my classes. It seems oddly appropriate that my last critique of freshman year would be in a video class. It doesn't seem odd, however, that I rocked it.

Here is a film I am pretty proud of. There seems to be a split in the crowd, some people hate it and some people love it. I, personally, think it's fucking hilarious. It's starring the great Bruno Smith who is a talented musician and evidently an equally talented actor. You know what else? He's from New York City. Notice a trend here?

Yes. We are awesome (sorry to everyone who is offended by that. I just can't help it).

So, alas, here is the film. A journey into the mind of one of the decades most talented and influential musicians: Tucker Everding.

Also, I should say, youtube compressed the aspect ratio and quality funny (as usual). For full effect double click the video and watch from youtube's homepage itself. 

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