Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biggie is Gone

The old saying "God giveth and taketh away" has always been one I totally agreed with. Not really because I think a god has a master plan but because conservation of energy is Newton's third law of motion.

Right now, God has giveth me the opportunity to live with my homies in New York City, yo! He has also taken away a very important figure from my life. Biggie Smalls Fish.

Yes, I must acknowledge here that this is my fault. I thought I could bring him (and his huge tank) over to my Buddie's loft in Wicker Park on the day of the move out. It became more and more obvious with all the shit we had to do that taking a few hours out of the day to do that would ruin us. 

I read how bad it is to drop exotic fish (especially Chichlids!) into American bodies of water but I chose to ignore most of the facts. Preston Wollner and my dear friend Al Porto walked Biggie Smalls down to the river, found the most majestic looking spot and dumped him in. 

The new, bigger fish tank.

I hope his instincts kick in and he swims south before it gets cold again. 

Bon Voyage.

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