Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stress stress STRESS

Got to edit a movie for tomorrow. After that I am free of work for a whole summer. It's actually sort of depressing. I have adapted fairly well to Chicagoland. More importantly, I'm going to miss having to do some crazy ass project every week that seems totally un-Kevin-like to be doing in the first place. Oh well.

The real stressor, however, lies all in the fact that I'm moving out of here tomorrow. I'm looking around this room right now and realizing exactly how much shit there is to take care of. I have so, so much stuff to move.

Even more heart wrenching is the idea that I have to part with a lot of this stuff for summer. It's being left in storage so the obvious things (like my sexy TV) weren't that shocking to leave behind. When I start looking around though, little things pop up that I'm going to miss for a few months. I mean, that Seinfeld box set is just too big to put in a carry on without being an asshole. My Ukulele won't be played for months and of course, Biggie Smalls Fish will be taken care of by someone else. Oh, Biggie. How I will miss you.

Then again I'm moving back to New York so it's pretty reasonable. Yeah, in fact, ignore everything written in this post. I'm cool with it.


LudwigLongPlay said...


Carlos Galarza said...

Hahaha. wait... Your not bringing Seinfeld??????? but that was going to be dope to have on while going to sleep like Freaks and Geeks.

ps: hahahaha to the last line. Yeah, I'd part with mad shit if I got to be chillin in New York. Shit I'd part with shit to chill in New York while living in NY

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Carlos you are absolutely right. Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and Georgie Boy are gonna find a way onto the plane.