Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something worthy of your perusal

Last night while walking through Tompkins Square Park with Ludwig and Silvia, just as we passed the chess tables I was told about a pretty remarkable blog. 

It's called Neither More Nor Less and it's a daily recap of the events surrounding Tompkins Square park and it's group of those not so well accepted breed of New Yorkers that dwell in it. Yes, those people who hang out in front of Odessa's. Some are friendly, some aren't. Point is, I have been reading this fucking thing since it was shown to me. If you are at all familiar with the Neighborhood I think you should check it out.

I must say, however, reading it there is the knee jerk reaction I have to anything involving the homeless: I wonder if it is exploitative. It's sort of hard to tell with this one. I will say some posts are and others aren't at all. Probably going to strike some chord of controversy as you read it no matter who you are. 

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