Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I really, really hate Rudolph Giuliani.
He is a sick person. He exploits horrors, he claims responsibility for other's triumphs, he is a hypocrite, he has no connection to humanity, to him poverty is a disease that can only be cured through decimation, he hates artists, he hates minorities, he set this city back socially twenty years. He filled the air with hostility between neighbors and hate between classes. He is an asshole.
I think about how horrible this last president has been. About the terrible things this country has done and how little we have gotten out of the 8 years.
Then I think about Giuliani as president. As hard as it is to believe, this man would be worst than the fool we have in office now. I guarantee you wars would wage and this nation would spiral to the dark ages.
This man turned New York City's Finest into pit bulls and that's something were still feeling today.
He took people off of welfare unless they worked like slaves, even if they were a credit away from a college degree.
This man denies that the volunteer workers at ground zero were never subjected to health threatening pollution. What he did with 9/11? Good god, don't even get me started. If he's gonna turn a tragedy into a cabaret at least do it with pazas. Watching him was like watching William Shatner rehearsing for a porno.
I hope with all my heart that this person never sets foot in the white house. If he does, I am moving. Where? Someplace warm.


Elizabeth said...

If he does step foot in the white house, I'm moving with you. How about Turkey? I hear they've got good food.


Anonymous said...

Fewer murders.

Alexander said...

Yo Kev, speak up next time you make a podcast... I keep having to change the volume.

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Already on it. Used a better mic this time. Thanks man

hansu_87 said...

interesting post