Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's do a rain dance! Wait, nevermind, it's 2007

Recently the wonderful state of Georgia has been in a pretty gloomy situation: they are months away from completely running out of water. Simply put, people have (and excusably so) been going ape shit. I read on the drudge a while back that some guy killed his neighbor for watering his plants and restaurants won't serve water unless you ask or pay for it.
Now, the most disturbing thing is that apparently for the past couple years people have been saying: "Uhm, we should start conserving water. We might get deaded really soon..."
Knowing most of the loony Republicans who take the scientific method with a grain of salt, no one in Georgia did jack-shit. Well guess what? Now they are completely deaded.
If I were in charge I would say "My bad. Shoulda' paid attention to those guys in lab coats and done something. Well: now I will start and we can fix this problem".
Too bad I'm not in charge.
The Governor, Sonny Perdue, announced today that he's going to hold a massive prayer session between lawmakers and ministers on the steps of the state capitol. The topic: rain.

Now, there are two things with this that bother me:
1) The line separating church and state fading away faster than our nation's integrity
2) the fact that that it won't do anything.
It's time for those guys to buckle down. You want to know how to fix the problem? Two words: Kyoto Protocol .


Glen said...

C'mon! The Virgin birth...water into wine...raised from the dead! You don't think with enough willpower they can't conjure themselves up a 60 million gallon garden hose? Have faith brotha and leave the rest to that eternal entity who will smite fiscal irresponsibility with a mighty stroke.

MaTaCo dot com said...

kevin. jesus loves you. but it's quetzacoatl you should really worry about. and the terminator.

in the meantime, read this. then read their book. the kyoto protocal is for pussies:

MaTaCo dot com said...

excuse me. i meant to spell that "protocol". with an o.